Back Pain Resources

Below you will find various resources on the survival skills we have explored. One note on finding practitioners of different kinds - while these listings are helpful, often the best way to find an instructor is to ask around and see who other people recommend. And don't be afraid to try a few before picking out an instructor - what works for someone else does not necessarily work for everyone.

Meditation and Relaxation Tapes
I have accumulated a few meditation and relaxation tapes over the years that I really enjoy. Unfortunately, I don't know a place to refer you to that stocks these tapes, they are somewhat specialized and may be a bit difficult to find. When possible, I will list the publisher information that I find on the cassette box.

"Healing Your Back", by Emmett Miller Source cassettes, 800 52 Tapes. This was one of the first relaxation and healing tapes I ever tried. I really like this tape and used it quite often during and after my stay at the Pain Clinic. I liked the first side the best.

"Simply Breathing", by Inner Guidance Systems, Gwynedd Plaza II, Suite 301, Springhouse, PA 19477. I love the first side of this tape. When I was in severe pain, I would listen to this tape and finally be able to relax enough to be able to sleep.

"Freedom From Pain", also Inner Guidance Systems. This tape was very helpful for learning some new skills for dealing with pain.

"Thunderstorms", no information on the Publisher. This is one of a set of environmental tapes that are readily found these days in record stores or specialty nature shops. I like the sound of thunderstorms since it reminds me of my home growing up and makes me feel warm and safe when I listen to it. There are lots of other environmental tapes available, and one of these may appeal to you more and feature the types of sounds you find soothing.