Links For Information On Back Pain

Finding back link sites is a bit difficult. Most seem to be either selling a miracle pain relief product or simply an advertising opportunity for a health care professional or pain clinic looking for new patients. If you come across a link that you think should be included, please write us a note at Contact page.

Pain Net
This site is a pro-consumer site for back pain sufferers. Includes a patients bill of rights, questions to ask, and list of licensed health providers that they have found to be useful. It also provides some links and sources for free gov't publications on back pain.

Spinal Disorder Message Board
A very lively, sometimes too much so, discussion forum for spinal injuries and pain. While most people on the group are helpful, a few love to let loose on postings so make sure you are prepared for some negative comments before you post.

Pain Management Links
Links to pain management information and resources. The page is a bit hard to read due to a very dark background.

Pain Links
A good linking page to pain management resources on the internet.