Tired Of Living With Back Pain? I've Been Struggling With It For Over 30 Years, and I'd Like To Share Some Of The Treatment And Self Help Options I've Found Over These Years That Has Helped Me To Both Reduce My Pain And Live A Full Life Despite My Back Pain

Welcome to the Back Pain Resource Center, a website dedicated to providing you information and survival skills for managing and living with back pain.

In our main section, Survival Techniques for Chronic Back Pain, we will be exploring the myriad of survival skills we have come across - from Rolfing and deep tissue massage, to magnet therapy, Reconstructive Therapy and the Alexander Method - that may be able to help you find some relief for your back pain. Some may be familiar to you, such as heat and ice, while others like Feldenkrais or Pilates may be new. We are continually adding reviews of different techniques and products, so keep checking back.

In the Links and Resources sections, we have included sites of interest and resources (books, programs, techniques, etc.) related to back pain that may be of interest to you.